Thank you for choosing Small Dog Rescue of Minnesota as your placement option for your dog. As you may be aware, we are a 501(3)c non profit organization and a no-kill rescue. We are one of the very few no-kill rescues that accept senior animals and dogs with medical needs, in addition to strays and surrenders from families like yours. Consequently, we always have a waiting list for dogs needing placement. The average wait time varies depending on how many of our dogs get adopted and the availability of a foster home.

SDR has an extensive adoption process in place that will assure your dog the best placement possible. We can offer you the assurance that the dog you surrender will never be euthanized due to medical condition, age, or difficulty with placement due to other issues. All of our dogs are fostered with screened and approved families that have opened up their homes and their hearts in order to help make the transition to your surrendered dog's "Forever Home" as comfortable, consistent, and trauma-free as possible.

We do ask for a tax-deductible donation at the time of surrender if this is possible for you. The donation is not required, but it is appreciated since we are an all-volunteer group and our expenses are high. We will provide you with a thank you letter for your tax purposes should you donate. The amount is up to you. Give what you can.

Please fill out the form below, answering all questions to the best of your ability. This will help us make the best foster match as well as aid in making the dog's transition into foster care as easy as possible. The answers to these questions have no impact on whether or not your dog will be accepted into our program - please be as honest as possible.

After submitting the surrender form, one of our volunteers will be contacting you within the next 72 hours to get further details regarding your dog and discuss any questions you may have.

In the meantime here are a few suggestions we recommend you follow:

  1. Consider contacting a behaviorist or a dog trainer before surrendering your dog if you are surrendering due to behavior problems. (see our Training Resources page for recommendations)
  2. If you are unable to keep your dog, try to find a trustworthy friend or relative to care for your dog until we can find placement at SDR.
  3. PLEASE do not take your dog to a public shelter or Humane Society where they could be evaluated and deemed "unadoptable". Many dogs are euthanized because they are seen as "too old", "too sick", or "too difficult to care for". Many of our most successful adoptions have taken place with dogs that would have been euthanized in a public shelter.
  4. Remind yourself that you are your dog's guardian. They depend upon you for their entire safety and well-being. They are used to a secure life with you. When brought to a public shelter, they are placed in an unfamiliar environment, often in a small kennel with a metal or concrete floor, and left alone for many hours. This experience can be traumatizing for a dog and instill fear that is both heartbreaking and unnecessary.
  5. Inquire about surrender opportunities with other local no-kill rescues.

Again, thank you for considering Small Dog Rescue of Minnesota.

Please note that SDR is currently not taking in any dogs with bite histories or aggression issues.