Small Dog Rescue (SDR) is an all-volunteer group committed to the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of dogs 20 pounds and under. Dogs are fostered in volunteers' homes so they can be loved like a family member until they are placed in a suitable adoptive home, determined by a review of a written application, a criminal background check, several reference consultations, and a home visit. SDR is a no-kill rescue, resorting to euthanasia only when a dog is either suffering from an untreatable medical condition or considered dangerous and not responding to rehabilitative training efforts. SDR is a 501(c)(3) Federally Tax Exempt Organization and Non-Profit Tax Exempt Incorporated Organization.

Erin Underbakke
Erin Underbakke has been with SDR since the spring of 2009. Not knowing anything about rescue or adoption or puppy mills, she got her first two dogs from a breeder. She wanted to do something more with dogs, and came across an ad on Craigslist for SDR. This opened her eyes to the whole world of rescue, and she jumped in head first, devoting much of her life to saving dogs' lives and educating the public. Erin is wife, mom of two, and also runs a child care that includes some of SDR's youngest advocates. She involves her family and daycare children with SDR as much as possible, doing fundraising and increasing awareness of rescue. Erin has three dogs, Livvy (a Maltese Shih tzu), Gabby (a morkie), and Looley (a toy poodle she adopted from SDR).

Dan Bassett
Technical Advisor
Dan has been volunteering with SDR since 2008, when he adopted Skittles the beagle. In addition to Skittles, Dan also belongs to Elvis the pug and Neely the puggle. Dan provides IT support for Small Dog Rescue, and also built and maintains SDR's website. Dan's "regular job" is Manager of Marketing Operations at Provation Medical in Minneapolis. When not dutifully petting Skittles every time she demands it, Dan spends much of his time chasing Neely the sock thief, and acting as the "lap" for Elvis the lap dog.