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Small Dog Rescue of Minnesota (SDR) is an all-volunteer group committed to the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of dogs 20 pounds and under.

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* HOWLiday Party Update! *

-- Although we have a couple of dogs under the weather, we're still going to have a great turnout for this Saturday's event. Bella, Buddy, and Autumn's SIX puppies will all be in attendance! Stop by and meet them!

-- Our photographer has to leave a little early around 1:45pm, so get there early for some PAWsome photos with Santa! The event runs from 11am-2pm.

-- So far we've heard that there will be cookies, peanut brittle, almond bark pretzels, gingerbread granola, chocolate pistachio biscotti, cinnamon almonds, and gingerbread kettlecorn for sale for the humans and PB, PB molasses, pumpkin, sweet potato BARK, and sweet potato chew treats for the pups!! YUMMY!!!! Come stock up and freeze the items for the holidays or just sit down and eat it all at once like us.

It's going to be a great day for a great cause - we hope to see you all on Saturday at Rochester Pet & Country Store's NORTH location!


SDR's Annual HOWLiday Party and Bake Sale!

It's the HOWLiday season again! Mark your calendars...

When: Saturday, Dec. 6th, 11:00am - 2:00pm

Where: Rochester Pet & Country Store NORTH, 3155 Wellner Drive NE, Rochester (SE corner of the Hwy 63/37th Ave NW intersection near Whistle Binkies North and Edible Arrangements)

Ready to jumpstart your holiday spirit? There's no better way to begin the HOWLiday season than spending time with your dog while helping local dogs in need!

  • HUGE bake sale (treats for people AND pups)
  • Holiday photos with Santa (new redesigned background, festive dog outfits, and props)
  • Raffle drawing for PAWsome prizes (check our FB page for more deTAILs!)
  • Some of our adoptable dogs...INCLUDING the public debut of Autumn's puppies on their 8 week birthday!!

Bring your pup(s) and get ready for a day of food, fun, fundraising, and holiday spirit (and did we mention PUPPIES?!?)!

100% of proceeds directly help local small dogs in need. Check our Facebook page for updates.

Happy HOWLidays!


November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month!

Happy Adopt a Senior Pet Month! We are celebrating our wonderful group of adoptable senior dogs and the many ways they make great companions!!

Too often these sweet dogs get passed up and looked over because "they are just going to die soon" or "I don't want to get attached to them and then have them die"; however, EVERY MOMENT spent with a dog - especially a senior rescue dog - is a chance to enrich both lives with a special bond and kind of love that you can only experience with an older dog. You have been through a LOT in your life and lived to tell about it.....and so have they. Talk about a great buddy to swap stories and shake heads at the 'kids today' with!

Many of our senior dogs have been displaced due to their human passing away or having to go to a senior or assisted living facility and they are unsure about why they are in this position and what's going to happen to them. They are looking for a safe place to go to find love and a new bond with another special human or family they can call their own. Please check them out HERE on our adoptable dogs page and consider opening your heart and home to a senior dog who deserves love, companionship, and security for all of the remaining days (and moments) of their lives, no matter how many.

8 Benefits of Adopting a Senior Dog:

  1. Senior pets generally have had some training, both in obedience and house manners.
  2. Senior pets are less destructive.
  3. Older dogs have been socialized and know what it takes to be part of a pack.
  4. Senior pets are grateful for a second chance.
  5. Senior pets are great company for older or less active people.
  6. Older dogs will be less rambunctious than puppies, and will not go through the typical puppy phases of chewing/mouthing, potty training, socialization, etc.
  7. With senior animals, you know exactly what you’re getting in terms of size, shape, and personality.
  8. Adopting an older pet makes a statement about compassion and the value of all life at all ages.

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