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Breed: Papillon

Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Size: Small
Description: Gizmo is a handsome, 8 year old Papillon mix who came into rescue weighing a hefty 22 lbs! He has lost some of this weight, and will continue to do so for quite some time. His ultimate weight goal is around 12 lbs, and he has about 8 lbs more to go! He is an absolute love and gets along well with the three cats and the smaller dog in his foster home.

He has not shown too much interest in toys, but will play with the smaller dog living in his foster home. But she cheats and he loses interest fairly quickly when she does! His favorite thing in the world is to be with people. He is a shadow who will accompany you everywhere, whether it is cooking in the kitchen or taking a shower. But he does not get underfoot and is content to observe from a distance.

Gizmo is very smart, and has picked up on the routine in his foster home very quickly. Even though he loves food, at mealtimes he will not try to snatch food from other bowls set out for his roommates. We told him no maybe a handful of times, and that is all it took for him to know he was supposed to keep out! He also figured out the trick to getting up on the big bed all by himself!

Gizmo loves going for walks, and as long as you are the leader he does really well. If you give him too much free leash, he tends to get anxious and clingy. Once he is in better shape physically, he may even be up for doggie dancing. He is very attentive and responsive to his partner, and quite nimble on his pristine white paws!

Gizmo would probably do best with someone who is home most of the day. He does really well with house training when someone is home to take him out at regular intervals, but if left alone for long periods of time he will have accidents. He also gets very upset when his people leave and will scratch at the doors, though we’ve been told he crates very well which would help in avoiding any damage.

Gizmo has a beautiful coat of long, plush hair that will require maintenance. He will need either regular trips to the groomer, or someone willing to brush and trim him as needed. He is quite fastidious about the state of his paws and is almost catlike in his maintenance of them! He is not a nuisance barker, but usually only barks when very excited or when another dog starts barking.

Because he is carrying so much extra weight, his breathing is quite heavy and sometimes labored. He tends to sleep with his tongue sticking out of his mouth, which is way too cute! He can have back pain, but that is attributed to the extra weight. Once all those extra pounds come off, he should be a prime specimen of doggie health!

Gizmo’s markings give him a comical expression, and we have been told that his name fits him perfectly, because he very closely resembles his namesake movie character!

Gizmo is neutered and up to date on shots. He received a much needed dental with bloodwork. He is heartworm and intestinal parasite negative. Gizmo is also microchipped. Gizmo's adoption fee is $330.00, even though this does not even begin to cover the cost of the vetting care he has received while with SDR..

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