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Mini Mite

Breed: Patterdale Terrier (Fell Terrier)

Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Size: Small
Description: See Mini Mite in action! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_c3Soz1OHV0

Mini Mite is about 2 years old and 10 pounds (about 13" at withers). He is a playful little bundle of energy. He loves toys, especially anything he can chase or tug! He is potty trained, but had a couple accidents the first few days in his new home. After getting into the swing of things, he shouldn’t have any issues with letting you know he needs to go outside. He is also kennel trained. In his foster home he is kenneled when parents are at work. He is good with other dogs but would also be ok as an only dog. MiniMite can be a little skittish at weird noises/new experiences but very rapidly recovers as long as he is introduced appropriately to new things. The more he gets used to his surroundings the more comfortable he is. When he finds his forever home he will definitely be able to settle in just fine. Mini Mite also loves to snuggle in bed and enjoys a good belly rub. Mini Mite is has completed basic obedience and has also completed beginning agility with Pawsability Dog Training (paws4u.com) and is ready to move onto some more advanced classes. MiniMite knows how to come, sit, say hi, fetch and return and loves to learn new tricks. MiniMite's future family should consider continuing him with dog sports. He not only has great potential, but LOVES getting treats for running around and doing things with his people

MiniMite has been evaluated by a certified pet trainer. here are a few notes from her evaluation...

This little (under 15-lb) Patterdale Terrier cross has the potential to go far in dog sports such as in agility, flyball (he's the perfect height dog!), rally obedience, freestyle, terrier racing... whatever you're interested in, he's ready to play. He is a bright little guy who is very motivated to work with you. He's got lots of toy drive, will play fetch until you drop, and will do anything for a little piece of hot dog. Mini Mite has been through a lot of changes in his life, originally coming from a hoarding situation. Despite everything, he is very soft and affiliative with people and has very good bounce-back if something takes him by surprise. He would go far with a handler who will develop a relationship with him and utilize his high drive and desire to work with you. Mini Mite gets along great with other dogs of both sexes, although his high toy drive can sometimes cause him to have problems sharing with other possessive dogs. This minor issue is easily interrupted with a verbal reminder from you, as he really does want to please his person! (Video is of Mini Mite in his beginning agility class, learning "the tunnel".)

Mini Mite is a Patterdale terrier mix with a ton of energy and will need a very active family to help burn some of it off. He is a sweet boy who is really enjoying life in his foster home. He came to us from a shelter and he is affectionate, curious, and playful. He is neutered, up to date on shots, de-wormed, heart worm tested, has been treated for fleas and ticks, and is micro-chipped. his adoption fee is $325.

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