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Breed: Manchester Terrier

Age: Young
Sex: Female
Size: Small
Description: Abracadabra is a sweet heart. She gets along very well with our other dogs and has never met a stranger, dog or human. Abracadabra is a quick learner and in 2 days has learned the command sit by watching the other dogs and is getting better at waiting her turn for a treat. She is very compassionate with the other dogs when they are hurt or ill. She is very energetic and loves to chase a ball or romp with the other dogs but respects the fact that our 14 yr old Rat Terrier is not interested in playing. Abracadabra will on occasion instigate a cat chase but at other times is fine around the cats.

Abracadabra is AWESOME! She is really smart and super super friendly! She is playful and can be hyper but at the same time if you want to just lay around the house she can calm down in a heart beat – very cool dog!

Hello, I am a beautiful Manchester Terrier. I'm only about 1 year old and know how to go bathroom properly outdoors. I love to play with my toys, other dogs, and people - I just love to run, jump, give kisses, snuggle, curl up in a lap, and be a regular puppy. Right now I am looking for my own forever home. They call me Abracadabra because I magically steal your heart and all your sadness disappears when I'm around.

My favorite place to sleep is right next to my foster people in their bed, I don't like the confining kennel space - then I can't move around and play. I also prefer to rest on a lap, rather than the sofa or doggy bed. I love, love,love toys - I could never have enough of them. I can even catch a ball. Please think about adopting me and keeping me FOREVER and I will LOVE YOU FOREVER too.

Abracadabra is spayed, up to date on shots, heart worm negative, de-wormed, on heart worm preventative, and micro-chipped. her adoption fee is $350.

You must fill out an adoption application before you are allowed to meet the animal. Please complete the adoption application located on our website.

Small Dog Rescue of MN does not negotiate the adoption fee on our dogs and we must charge sales tax on all adoption fees in order to comply with Minnesota state law. Please note that SDR is philisophically opposed to the idea of buying and selling animals, and we support any future legislation that would remove sales tax from adoption fees. Until then, however, we must charge it.

We are offering a microchip placement for your resident dog for small donation to our rescue

Please note that we do not have a shelter, and all dogs are in foster homes. Since we strive to provide the best possible care for our animals, sometimes we cannot answer emails promptly. Please allow 48 hours for us to respond to you.

You must be 18 years of age to make an adoption request