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Breed: Papillon

Age: Adult
Sex: Female
Size: Small
Description: Ablaze is precious! She will love you forever and you can't help but fall for this little lady that spent 8 years of her life delivering puppies and living where she never experienced grass, soft beds, good food, but most importantly NO LOVE. She is mastering "potty outside", prances and dances like a little princess. She sleeps in her crate at night with no accidents and sometimes during the day when the crate door is open, she will just go in and lay on her bed and watch the world. Walking on a leash is going well, but our walks haven't been real long yet as she is stretching out her legs and getting more strength in them. Ablaze would love a home of her own that will look in those big brown eyes and see all the love she has to give. Her best idea for a home will be a quieter one with someone that reads, watches TV or works on a computer. She will settle in beside you and never move until you pick her up. She would be great in a nursing home or an assisted living home. She would happily sit on laps 24/7. She never would bite (plus she has no teeth) and rarely barks. If you give her a forever home, she will love you with everything she has.

Life is good! No, life is WONDERFUL! I don't even care anymore that I was tattooed with #315 in my right ear, but it did make foster mom cry. My foster mom seems amazed that I am doing this well. I try to tell her that Papillons are in the top ten smartest dogs. It will take her a while to figure that out. I prance like a little pony and I'm so happy my tail curls over my back like it's supposed to and I even smile. I keep my crate dry at night and silly fm gets so excited when I "go" outside. I'm getting all ready for my forever home. Don't let my age stop you from adopting me! I may be eight years old in dog years but in people years 8x7 I'm in my best years. That's what foster mom says (she should know).

Let me sit on your lap and tell you my story. I sit real still and my beautiful liquid brown eyes will have to do the telling for now. I got to my foster mom just yesterday! I'm 8 years old and can you imagine they gave me a 8-5-2001 birth date to match my 8-5-2009 spay date. Spayed and my last 8 teeth extracted. What a birthday present! Guess nobody knows my real birth date. I weigh 6 lbs with beautiful angel wing ears. There's a big world out here that I don't know about and it's a bit overwhelming. Who knew there was grass? My foster brother Winston runs around and rolls on it. I think it feels really weird. I love my food!! Keep it coming Mom! My foster mom talks really soft and I don't take my eyes off her for a minute. I have a big job ahead of me called house training, but with love and patience I know I'll get there.

Ablaze is a beautiful little girl with a pixie face. She deserves to have caviar and cashmere for what she has been through but she will be very happy with soft dog food a blanket and a loving lap to sit on. Stay tuned as Ablaze learns more about life outside the mill.

Ablaze is a red and white papillon. A very petite girl, she was a breeder dog in a puppy mill in Nebraska for her entire life before she came to Small Dog Rescue. She is a calm girl who is just taking in all the new sights and sounds of life outside of a cage. Ablaze is spayed, up to date on shots, heart worm tested, de-wormed, frontlined, on heart worm preventative, and micro-chipped. Her adoption fee is $350.

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