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Breed: Beagle

Age: Young
Sex: Female
Size: Small
Description: Jack is an amazing dog, we love her to pieces. She gets along fabulously with our other dogs and a friend had her for a day and she never bothered her 5 cats. She knows sit and she will come when called in the house. She follows her nose and must be on a lead or in a fenced in back yard at all times. She needs a bit of work on the "come" command outside, as all beagles do. She absolutely loves to play, especially fetch and tug of war. She loves to wrestle and will "mouth" your hands, but has never bit anyone. Interestingly enough she can be running around wrestling with the kids or other dogs and then just stop on a dime and sit down in your lap to love. She loves to snuggle in bed, she will nestle next to you. A funny story, she was between my husband & I on her back in bed, I started to pet her and she shimmied on her back closer and closer to my head so I could pet her better and she could nuzzle with me. She loves to nuzzle and give a little hugs around the neck.

Jack is a 2 1/2 yo beagle who had 2 families that were ill prepared for a dog. This is really unfortunate, because she is a WONDERFUL dog and as her fosters we have been tempted to adopt her ourselves. She is house broken and wonderful with our children. Interestingly enough, she has become very bonded to our autistic son, and when she is not begging for his attention, he is begging for hers. It is very sweet. She obviously has had little exposure to other dogs, for her first meeting with our dogs she was tense. With some guidance she warmed up within 15 minutes and now loves to play and socialize with them. She is an energetic dog but not wild. She loves to play tug of war and fetch. But she also loves to snuggle in your lap, sleep in your arms or next to you in bed. She likes to wrestle and may mouth your hands, but has never bit anyone in play. She will need regular exercise or play to keep her energy from turning destructive. To adopt Jack you must have Beagle experience and have a fenced in yard. An electric fence is not acceptable. She is a very good girl, spayed, up to date on her shots, heart worm negative, on heart worm preventative, and micro-chipped. Her adoption fee is $350.

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