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Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Age: Senior
Sex: Male
Size: Small
Description: Abado is a 10 year old Cavalier King Charles spaniel who is an absolute joy. He has a beautiful red coat and gorgeous big brown eyes that are so expressive. He is learning very rapidly about being a “real dog”, after arriving from a puppy mill located in Nebraska three days ago. Abado has already learned to go up and down the stairs after watching the other dogs and with some gentle coaxing. He is getting more sure footed on the wood floors and is sliding less and less when sitting down. He is never heard barking and enjoys sleeping in the “big” bed with the resident dog and cat, and foster persons. He is even okay with letting the others have their claimed spots. He doesn’t care for his kennel and prefers to be out and about. He spent his first day within paws reach of his foster mom. He spent the next day exploring his new home going into all the rooms, going out into the yard and on the deck and then right back to the his foster mom, and his third day he spent walking from room to room searching for his foster mom who was at work and then checking out the others dogs, the cat, toys, and dog cushions.

Abado’s favorite activity is lying on laps and looking at his foster persons’ faces for love, stroking, re-assurance that this is for real, and good old attention. He has learned to share laps with the others and waits patiently for his turn. He had his first bath and brushing on his second day and took to it like a charm. He appeared to love the brushing, stroking, and combing. He was okay with the warm, soapy water, and appeared to enjoy the drying off - snuggling in the towels and feeling the warm air blowing.

Abado has learned to walk with the other dogs on his leash and harness. He likes to follow behind the others walking slowly checking every once and awhile for his foster person to make sure she is still there. A couple of times he has let loose and ran a little with the other small dogs while leashed, but then goes back to his slow walk. He has learned to be part of the doggie crowd and spends time checking out what they are doing and loves going into the kitchen to see what’s cooking.

Abado appears to have limited vision, so knowing where things are at is helpful for him along with hearing your voice and being able to smell your hand or the toy being offered. He can’t see if someone is walking in the street or outside the window, so he leaves the barking to the others. He had his teeth removed because of poor dental care, but can eat a mixture of hard and soft dog food without difficulty. He is neutered, had all his shots, is micro-chipped, heart worm protected. He is being treated for ear infections, but will be finished with his treatment in a few days.

Who ever adopts Abado will fall in love with him from day one and he will return all the love you can give him and even more. He is absolutely adorable and he will melt your heart.Abado is a ten year old ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who was rescued from a puppy mill in Nebraska. He is a gorgeous boy, 18 pounds and very sweet. This poor guy had all but one tooth pulled. He is neutered, up to date on his shots, heart worm tested, de-wormed, and micro-chipped. He also had a dental and full blood panel done! His adoption fee is $250.

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